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Yahya Alabdallah / Feature Narrative / Palestine, Jordan, France, Qatar / 2016 / Original Language: Arabic, Hebrew / Interests: Dark Comedy


Ahmad is a 22-year-old Palestinian from a conservative Muslim family in Hebron. With his friend Issa, he dresses like an Israeli settler and steals petrol from a nearby settlement to run the only ambulance in their camp. Secretly, he is learning Hebrew in case he needs it for the gasoline raids. Then he is hit by a car and falls into a coma. When he wakes, he finds he can only speak Hebrew. His father thinks that he has been possessed by an Israeli djinn; his girlfriend doubts his patriotism and goes off with a young man in the resistance; and his community treats him like an Israeli settler. Ahmad embarks on a journey to regain the identity he lost when he stopped communicating in Arabic.


Yahya Alabdallah
Yahya Alabdallah
Rula Nasser
Production Company
Imaginarium Films
Production Company
Imaginarium Films

About the Director

Independent filmmaker Yahya Alabdallah was born in Libya in 1978, raised in Saudi Arabia, and lives in Jordan. A writer, director, producer and literary critic, he holds two Master's degrees, in Literature and Cinema from the ECIAR film school in Paris. He has participated in programmes including the Berlinale's Talent Campus, Produire au Sud, the Festival des 3 Continents and the Producers' Network at the Festival de Cannes. His first feature, ‘The Last Friday’ (2011) showed at numerous festivals, including the Dubai International Film Festival, where it won three awards; Fribourg, where it won the Special Jury Award; and it was the first Jordanian feature to appear at the Berlinale. He recently finished ‘The Council’, his new feature, which won three awards at Final Cut in Venice.

Awards and Festival History


Dubai Connection Award 2012, Dubai International Film Festival (UAE)


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    Yahya Alabdallah


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