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Spring Grant 2013 - Production Stage
Current project status: COMPLETED

Faiza Ambah / Short Narrative / France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia / 2014 / 44 min / Colour / Original Language: French / Interests: Women, Drama, Religion, Social Issues, Dramedy, Youth, Immigration


Ever since she attended the Hajj with her grandmother, Mariam has covered her head, but when France passes a law that bans Muslim women from wearing veils in public institutions, she finds her life in a Parisian suburb has suddenly become very complicated. Faced with expulsion and her father’s disapproval if she refuses to take off her headscarf to attend high school, but determined to stick to her guns, the resolute young woman finds solace in the power of protest.

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Faiza Ambah
Faiza Ambah
Jérôme Bleitrach

About the Director

Faiza Ambah is a Saudi filmmaker with a background in journalism. She was Gulf Correspondent for ‘The Washington Post’ before leaving in 2009 to focus on filmmaking. Her scripts have been supported by the Sundance Institute through the Rawi Screenwriter’s Lab in Jordan, the Dubai International Film Festival and the Doha Film Institute. She was a jury member at the Gulf Film Festival in Dubai in 2013 and organised a festival of Gulf Films at the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris, France the same year. She is currently in post-production for her medium-length film, ‘Mariam’, which was shot in France. Ambah has a feature-film writing certificate from UCLA extension and has taken directing courses at the Cinematic Arts School at the University of Southern California and the New York Film Academy.

Production Company Profile

Established in 1998, Bizibi is a French production company run by Jérôme Bleitrach and Emmanuel Agneray. Bizibi has produced eight features films, which have been selected for major festivals. The company’s debut feature ‘Or mon trésor’ won the Caméra d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004. Talents are developed through making short films, of which the company has produced more than 40 in the past 15 years. They include Ahd’s ‘Sanctity’, which was in competition at the Berlinale last year. The company alsoproduces documentaries.

Awards and Festival History


Special Jury Prize, Dubai International Film Festival 2015 (WP)
Bader Prize: Best Short Film, Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2016


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    Jérôme Bleitrach

    +33 143 471 506

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