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Fall Grants 2022 - Development Stage

Yousif Al Hamadi / Short Narrative / Qatar / 15 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Children, 3D Animation


Hassan and Noura notice the effort their grandmother gives to the family and the house, so they decide to gift her a pearl necklace. However, they find out that the cost of a pearl necklace is high and that they must work harder to raise money.
Their neighbor, Bu Ali, notices the two hopeless children, so he offers them to take care of his goat in his absence in exchange for money. Unfortunately, the goat is difficult to handle. Although Bu Ali, when he comes back and sees them in a helpless state, teaches them how to milk the goat gently and gives each of them a small amount of money for their effort.
The two children see that the amount is small and that, in this way, they will not be able to reach their goal. Therefore, Hassan decides to dive and hunt pearls himself. He goes to Nukhetha Nasir, who admires Hassan’s insistence and takes him to the sea with him the next day.
Fortunately, Hasan finds a tiny pearl in one of the oysters he picked, so he goes home, wraps it, and gives it to his grandmother in the presence of the family.

About the Director

Yousef Al-Hamadi, a Qatari media professional, has been the founder of Red Dot Films, a Qatar-based Film Production Company, since 2010. His animation work has been featured in short films, educational mini-series, commercials, and TV programmes. In his artistic creations, Yousef focuses on topics he is passionate about, such as cultural diversity, morals and values, sports, and his Qatari Traditions, which are often interwoven in his work. Yousef received his BA in Media and Communications from Swansea University in the UK, and an MS degree in Islamic Art, Architecture, and Urbanism from HBKU.


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