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Spring Grant 2011 - Post-Production Stage
Current project status: COMPLETED

للترجمة العربية اضغط على

Khaled El Hagar / Feature Narrative / Egypt, Qatar / 2011 / 133 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Social Issues


Umm Shooq has run away from her wealthy family to marry the man she loves and has settled into a life of poverty in a marginalised street in Alexandria. In this world, she sells coffee to neighbours and reads their fortunes. Desperate to pay for a life-saving operation for her son, she returns to Cairo to ask her family for money, but finds she cannot face the shame and starts begging on the streets. Back in Alexandria, her son dies; finally Umm Shooq returns to Cairo as a beggar.


Khaled El Hagar
Sayed Ragab
Dima Al-Joundi, Mohamed Yassine
Executive Producer
Amr El Safie

About the Director

Khaled El-Hagar was born in Suez in 1963 and studied law at Cairo University. After working as an assistant director for acclaimed director Youssef Chahine, El-Hagar studied scriptwriting and film directing at the UK’s National Film & Television School, Beaconsfield. His first feature, ‘Little Dreams’ (1994), was made for the German channel ZDF. It was followed by ‘Room to Rent’ (2000), which was shot in the UK for Studio Canal. It received eight international awards and was released across Europe, Canada and USA. His other features include ‘Stolen Kisses’ (2008), ‘Love of the Girls’ (2004) and ‘Ma Fich Gheir Kida’ (2006), the first Egyptian musical made since the 40s.

Production Company Profile

Founded in 1997, Crystal Films is a Lebanon-based distribution and production company partnered with Belgian distribution company Cineart. Along with Circuit Empire, Crystal established the first Europa Cinema Theatre in the Middle East region, a special programme launched by the European Union to promote Euro Mediterranean films. Crystal Films has distributed some 25 feature films in the Middle East.

Awards and Festival History


Cairo International Film Festival 2010 (Egypt)
Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2011, in the Arab Feature Film Competition (Qatar)
Muscat Film Festival 2012 (Oman)


  • Main Contact

    Dima Al-Joundi

    Crystal Films

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