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Line of Sight

Spring Grant 2012 - Post-Production Stage

Aseel Mansour / Feature Narrative / Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Qatar / 2012 / 84 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Suspense


The film opens with a single shot showing a confrontation between Laila and Sami. Laila, a 22-year-old woman is standing on a balcony on the first floor of her villa, pointing a gun at Sami, a 25-year-old man standing in the street. They are locked in this confrontation since Laila cannot let Sami out of her sight. The film then travels through two opposing timelines: one follows the near-real-time confrontation and its escalation; the other exposes the history of the two characters.


Aseel Mansour
Aseel Mansour
Cindy Le Templier

About the Director

Aseel Mansour is a Jordanian-Palestinian filmmaker. Born in Baghdad in 1977, he moved to Amman in 1991. He received a Masters degree in media psychology from Walden University in Minneapolis in 2010. He is currently directing ‘Line of Sight’, his first feature, in Jordan, through the Royal Film Commission – Jordan’s Educational Film Programme. He is also the winner of the Amman Filmmakers Cooperative’s Award Best Filmmaker of the Year for his film ‘Alert Guns’ (2004).

Awards and Festival History


Dubai International Film Festival 2012, in Muhr Arab Features Competition (UAE)


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