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Spring Grants 2017 - Production Stage

Halla Tarek / Short Narrative / Egypt, Germany, Qatar / 2019 / 7 min / Original Language: No Dialogue / Interests: Animation


A young Egyptian girl living with a conservative group that follows communal acts and practices has always been silent to blend in. When she dares to speak, to her amazement a yellow letter emerges from her mouth. The group gets angry and does not accept it, so the young girl leaves them to start her own journey to a wide and colourful world. A dark cloud rises from the words of her folk and transforms into a monster that chases her. When she arrives in a new settlement she is encouraged to speak and to be herself. She is happy but still weak. The monster finds her and swallows her, and in its dark stomach she feels lonely and scared. A small letter comes out of her and lights up the darkness. Gradually, the girl regains her strength and begins screaming out illuminating words that destroy the monster. She returns to her new friends, happy and strong, at last unafraid of her individuality and her own voice.


Halla Tarek
Julia Urban
Hussein Hegab, Linda Dedkova
Production Company
Film Clinic
Production Company
Film Clinic

About the Director

Halla Tarek was born in 1989 in Cairo where she studied Animation at the Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2013, she directed the animated film ‘Express’ which appeared in many festivals in Egypt and elsewhere. In 2015, she obtained her Master's degree with a thesis on black comedy in animated films. Presently, Tarek works as an animation director at the Egyptian Film Centre. Besides working as a director, she freelances in storyboarding and as a concept artist. She believes cinema is the most powerful way to share one’s stories.


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    Hussein Hegab

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