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In the Shade of a Royal Palace (Dwellers of the Cabins)

Fall Grants 2023 - Development Stage

Hend Bakr / Feature Documentary / Egypt, Qatar / 80 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, History, Biography, Musical


Through her relationship with her musician father, Hend tries to discover the history of her people, the people of the cabins. Hend is from the confused generation that was born in the cabins and then had to leave for the city of Alexandria. However, as much as it aroused her curiosity, this departure began to haunt her. The people of the cabins are Nubian families (Egyptian/Sudanese) who came from Nubia to Alexandria to serve King Fuad. They were keen on preserving the purity of their race and built a psychological wall around themselves.


Hend Bakr
Hend Bakr
Tamer Nady, Hend Bakr

About the Director

Hend Bakr is a director and producer who studied filmmaking at the Jesuit Cinema School in Alexandria. In 2013, she wrote, directed, and produced her first feature film, 'The Mice Room,' in collaboration with five other directors. The film was officially selected for international film festivals in Dubai, São Paulo, and others. She co-founded Rufy's Films, a major film production company based in Alexandria. Hend directed and produced her first feature documentary, 'The Tedious Tour of M', in 2023, which received official selections in international film festivals at Aswan Women's, Amman, and Gabes Cinema Fen, where it received a special mention from the jury. Hend is currently working as a producer on the feature documentary 'And There Was Evening and There Was Morning. The First Day' directed by Youhanna Nagy, and as director and producer on her second feature documentary, 'In the Shade of a Royal Palace (Dwellers of the Cabins)'.


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