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Ibrahim, a Fate to Define

Fall Grant 2015

Lina Alabed / Feature Documentary / Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar / 2017 / 90 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Creative Documentary


Ibrahim Alabed, my father, was a secret member of the Revolutionary Council, a Palestinian militant organisation that was notorious for its intelligence affairs. When I was five years old, my father left for few days in his regular way. He never returned. I grew up in a house where silence was the usual atmosphere. My mother Najat, an Egyptian, had to continue her life normally, raising Ibrahim’s five children in Damascus, always cursing her misfortune. This film uncovers the story behind the disappearance of Ibrahim Alabed, and I hope that by understanding the choices my father made, I will be able to live with the impact they have on the way I make mine today.


Lina Alabed
Rami El Nihawi
Production Company
SakADo Production
Production Company
SakaDo Production

About the Director

Lina Alabed is a Palestinian filmmaker. Born in 1980, she graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Damascus University. Her graduation project was a short documentary that was broadcast on Al Jazeera in 2007. Her second short documentary, ‘Noor Alhuda’, produced by Al-Arabiya, was awarded the DOXBOX Jury Prize for Best Syrian Documentary Film in 2010. ‘Damascus, My First Kiss’ (2012) was her first feature-length documentary. Its international premiere took place at Doc Leipzig and it was broadcast on ARTE. Alabed’s current project, ‘Ibrahim’, took the OIF Prize during the Beirut Cinema Platform in 2015.


  • Director

    Lina Alabed

    SakaDo production
  • Main Contact

    Rami El Nihawi

    Sakado LTD
    +961 1 379 441 / +961 3 787 553

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