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I Wished For Solitude

Fall Grants 2021 - Development Stage

Hamad Alfayhani / Short Narrative / Qatar / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama


A man is born with a rare illness that causes him to slowly lose his face throughout his life and is now at the stage where most of it has disappeared. His mother has lovingly crafted and painted him a mask that resembles a human face. After a conversation with his doctor, the man decides that it is time for him to become a recluse. He has his final poignant conversations with his mother, his friends, and the thing that means the most to him—the beetle that lives in his room. Through these dialogues, themes of isolation, illness, and social responsibility are unpacked. The man argues that, without a face, how can you truly be a part of human society?


Hamad Alfayhani
Hamad Alfayhani
Basel Owies

About the Director

Hamad Alfayhani is a filmmaker from Qatar. He studied Media Industries and Technologies at Northwestern University Qatar. Hamad’s work features themes of isolation, illness, and the overall experience of being in an area that is on the continuous line between modernization and traditionalism. Hamad uses film and photography to convey his vision to the world and highlight his surroundings. He has been featured in and assisted in multiple exhibitions in Qatar and has directed five audio-visual installations that are currently being shown at the National Museum of Qatar.


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