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Spring Grants 2019 - Development Stage

Abdulla Al Jananhi / Short Narrative / Qatar / Original Language: English / Interests: Animation, Action, Comedy, Drama, Environmental, Adaptation, 3D Animation


The short film ‘Hope’ is about a newborn baby sea turtle named Aqua, born with a disability of having one fin smaller than the other. Unhappy with the disability, he leaves the nest and starts his journey to the sea. After overcoming several obstacles from both human pollution and predators by using his mind and witnessing a life-changing scene, he finally arrives at the end of his journey and enters the sea grateful with what God gave him. The story of Aqua aims to teach its viewers two things; never look at what you don’t have, but at what you have, and also to never give up.


Abdulla Al Jananhi
Abdulla Al Jananhi

About the Director

Abdulla Mohammed Al Janahi graduated from Nottingham University in the UK with a bachelor’s degree in Finance Accounting and Management. He has a passion for animation and recently entered into its beautiful world. He has written several scripts for feature films and has worked on a traditional Qatari series consisting of 15 episodes. Also, he is currently writing two new short films.


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