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Spring Grants 2022 - Development Stage

Nadia Al-Khater / Short Narrative / Qatar / 10 min / Original Language: Arabic, English / Interests: Coming of age


Aalia (14) and Haya (14) are two cool kids who spend their endless afternoons at the skatepark. Aalia is a skateboarder whose niqab doesn’t stop her from anything. Her friend Haya does camera work for her, documenting her skate tricks and fails. Between family and community, they try to find a way to skate on their own terms.


Nadia Al-Khater
Nadia Al-Khater
Justin Kramer
Production Company
The Film House

About the Director

Nadia Al-Khater is a Qatari filmmaker drawn to innovative storytelling. Her early passion for filmmaking inspired her to begin directing after graduating from Georgetown University. In 2019, she wrote and directed the short drama-thriller ‘This Is Not a Drill’ (2019) with The Film House. Her successful collaboration with The Film House continued with her second short film, a comedy ‘A Proposal’ (2022), now in post-production. In December 2021, her photography was selected to exhibit in Seoul, South Korea, until June 2022. She has most recently directed the 2022 brand video for the National Museum of Qatar.


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    Nadia Al-Khater


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