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Ghetto Child

Spring Grant 2013

Guillaume Tordjman / Feature Narrative / Tunisia, France, Qatar / 2014 / 70 min / Original Language: French / Interests: Coming of Age, Drama, Docufiction


In a juvenile detention centre, Madi and his younger brother Bright try to fight the daily injustice perpetrated by their supervisors. One day Amel shows up and her mysterious behaviour and beauty have a significant impact on the brothers. After Bright is assaulted by a supervisor, he and some other inmates set a trap to get revenge. Madi arrives too late to prevent his brother and the youths from committing this act of violence, and the frightened teens disappear into the surrounding woods to escape further punishment. Left to their own devices, hungry and thirsty, they go further into the wilderness each day and are increasingly aware of the dangerous situation they are in. Will they find the strength to survive? What will this newfound freedom reveal about themselves?


Guillaume Tordjman
Guillaume Tordjman
Mathilde Le Ricque

About the Director

Born in 1984 in Paris, Guillaume Tordjman trained as an actor at the Cours Florent, where he was coached by Sylvia Bergé and Jean-Pierre Garnier, among others. In 2009, he was taught directing by Houda Benyamina through 1000 Visages (Cinetalents), an association dedicated to teaching filmmaking and acting. The following year he directed three shorts ‘Reflection of Reality’, ‘Big Little Boss’ and ‘A Private Viewing’. In 2012, Guillaume directed his first feature film Ghetto Child, the outcome of a 1000 VISAGES workshop.

Awards and Festival History


Journées cinématographiques de Carthage 2014, Official Selection
Festival Cinéma et Migrations d’Agadir 2014, Official Selection
Festival du Film de Sarlat 2014 , "Tour du Monde" section
Festival Pépites du Cinéma, France 2014, Preview showing


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