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Spring Grant 2013 - Post-Production Stage

Amin Dora / Feature Narrative / Lebanon, Qatar / 2013 / 97 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Comedy, Social Issues, Family


In a small neighbourhood of a traditional Lebanese coastal town, Leba, a music instructor, marries his childhood sweetheart Lara. To the dismay of his family, neighbours and friends, their first child is a girl – and so is their second. Lara is pregnant for the third time and yes, it’s a boy! However, medical tests show that he will have special needs. Will Leba and Lara keep the baby? Will little Ghadi become a burden on his family; or its pride and joy? Is he angel or demon? Strange phenomena, secretly staged by Leba, and the rejects of the Hay el Mchakal neighbourhood soon affect the behaviour and beliefs of the locals.


Amin Dora
Georges Khabbaz
Gabriel Chamoun

About the Director

Amin Dora is an International Digital Emmy Award winner director of Shankaboot – the world’s first Arabic web-series.

For years he has been working on different styles of commercials including humor, visual effects, and mix- media animation.

As an actor he played in different shorts and commercials .
In 2007 Amin started a collective of live visual performances along under the name BeirutVisuals, VJ performance with many local and international groups and in festivals such as Beirut Animated and 3D mapping animation.
To sum it up, Amin is a performance director, with an innovative visual style.

Awards and Festival History


Rome Film Festival 2014, Alice nella citta
Carthage Film Festival 2014


Lebanon's Official Submission for the 2015 Academy Awards - Best Foreign Language Film Race
Audience Award, Busan International Film Festival 2014 (WP)
Arabian Sights Audience Award for Feature Films, Washington DC Arabian Sights Film Festival 2014


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