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Gaza 36mm

Spring Grant 2012 - Production Stage

Khalil El-Muzayen / Feature Documentary / Palestine, Netherlands, Qatar / 2012 / 47 min / Colour and B&W / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Documentary, Politics


There are no longer any cinemas in Gaza due to the force of fundamentalist Islam, which sees these places as a threat to its political and social position; theatres are defined as places of corruption. A long series of actions carried out by the Islamic movement ended up burning down and taking over these places of cinema. The assassination of theatres was a personal assassination of our thoughts.


Khalil El-Muzayen
Khalil El-Muzayen
Ahmed Abu Nasser, Jamal Abu Al Qumsan

About the Director

Khalil Al Mozayen is a Palestinian filmmaker who has extensive experience in direction and production, as well as technical skills in camera and sound work. He is a seasoned trainer in filmmaking. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in film directing from the Civilization Academy in 1997. Al Mozayen was the director of the Ramattan News Agency Palestine for almost a decade, and has been the director for the Palestinian satellite channel ‘Palestine’ since 1999. He has extensive experience with numerous international and local organisations, including the United Nations and the Swiss Agency. Al Mozayen also conducted training courses for numerous programmes for institutions including Al Azher and Birzeit University.


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