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Dream Away

Spring Grant 2014 - Development Stage

Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke / Feature Documentary / Egypt, Germany, Qatar / 2017 / 85 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic, English / Interests: Politics, Social Issues, Youth, Immigration, Identity, Creative Documentary, Women Issues


Representing freedom and easy cash, Sharm El Sheikh has long been a dream destination for Egyptian youth. Recently, terror attacks have brought tourism in the resort town to a halt. ‘Dream Away’ follows a group of young employees of a luxury hotel compound, where clichés and stereotypes of Western and Oriental cultures clash. This carousel-like experience elevates the youths into a dreamlike state; in the shadow of the shimmering hotel facades, they lead double lives, their families unaware of the sinful temptations of the town. Still, they are torn in the face of the prevailing Western culture: for some the liberal values represent long-dreamt-of independence, while for others it is simply not enjoyable. While leaving is not an option – it is too difficult to jettison their liberal lifestyle and return to their traditional culture – they now lack both financial and personal opportunities, and find themselves on an existential quest for identity.


Marouan Omara, Johanna Domke
Roman Roitman, Mark Lotfy
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About the Director

Marouan Omara is a documentary filmmaker from Egypt. He studied Applied Arts at Helwan University, and filmmaking at the Academy of Cinema, Arts and Technology in Egypt. His works seek to express a dreamlike notion by exploring the overlap of fiction and reality. He currently teaches film and video at the German University in Cairo and is an adjunct professor in film production at the American University in Cairo.

Johanna Domke is a visual artist and filmmaker from Germany. She studied Fine Arts at the Royal Danish Art Academy and the Malmö Art Academy, and attended the Postgraduate Programme in Film at the Media Art Academy in Cologne. She produces work that lies in the space where art and cinema meet, with a combined structural and socio-political approach. Her work has received considerable attention at exhibitions and film festivals around the world.


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