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Cursed Be the Phosphate

Spring Grant 2012

Sami Tlili / Feature Documentary / Tunisia, Qatar / 2012 / 84 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Documentary


On 5 January 2008, a sit-in organised by a group of unemployed youths in front of the town hall of Redeyef, Tunisia, marked the beginning of a movement of civil dissent that lasted six months. Twenty-one years after the ‘medical coup d’état’ that brought General Ben Ali to power, he is confronted with his first popular uprising. Those involved in the uprising are Moudhaffer, Bechir, Adnene, Leila and Adel. They are teachers, the unemployed and young people in despair. Some ventured onto the streets to shout their wrath; others were there to support the silenced voices that should have been heard.


Sami Tlili
Sami Tlili
Dora Bouchoucha, Habib Attia

About the Director

Sami Tlili is studying for a PhD in Humanities. He holds a Master’s degree in French Literature from the University Paris 13 and trained in directing documentaries at Les Ateliers Varan in Paris. His debut feature-length documentary, ‘Cursed Be the Phosphate’ (2012), won the Black Pearl Award for Best Documentary from the Arab World at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

Awards and Festival History


Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012, in Documentary Competition (UAE)


Won the Best Film from the Arab World Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012 (UAE)


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