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Concrete Dreams: Some Roads Lead Home

Spring Grant 2014 - Production Stage

Saba Karim Khan / Short Documentary / Pakistan, Qatar / 50 min / Original Language: English / Interests: Social Issues


I want to tell a story of the evolving landscape of a nation that has been marred by images of militancy, violence and extremism, and bring to the fore a story of the courage, resilience, ingenuity and optimism that emerges within Pakistan: ever paradoxical, continuously in flux and entirely unpredictable; a ‘failed state’ in popular media. While I would like to showcase the scale of the predicament through jarring images of Pakistan’s street life and its 1.5 million inhabitants, more importantly, I want to highlight the courage of these young people and how they are altering their lives through creative interventions, sports in particular. At each stage, this film will speak through the voice of the children – the true heroes of this story.


Saba Karim Khan
Saba Karim Khan

About the Director

Saba Karim Khan studied Anthropology at the University of Oxford, where she conducted research into human trafficking, and the crisis surrounding national identity in Pakistan. During roles with the Citi Foundation and the Abu Dhabi Group, Khan worked to launch programmes aimed at creating sustainable impact in Pakistan. These efforts focused on tackling honour killing, promoting female entrepreneurship and vocational training, and rehabilitating children affected by the war on terror and natural disasters, and resulted in Citi winning the Global CSR Award and the Asian CSR Award. Khan currently lives in Doha, and is interested in using visual media as a means of communicating stories of courage, ingenuity and resilience, and sharing an often-neglected perspective on Pakistan.


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