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Rachel Aoun / Short Narrative / Lebanon, Qatar / 2022 / 15 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Social Issues


On a sunny July day in Beirut, Roger, a beloved basketball coach, is on his way to work, proudly carrying a chocolate box announcing the birth of his baby boy. He yet witnesses a horrifically violent aggression, without intervening and frozen on the sidewalk. Roger’s descent into shame begins there, as he has to navigate through his students and colleagues’ congratulations, offering them chocolates while his guilt continues to sink in. Each encounter brings a new update on the victim’s situation, the incident having spread all over the news. When he reaches the basketball court for a training session, Roger is a crushed man that cannot face the looks of the teenagers who idolize him.

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Rachel Aoun
Rachel Aoun
Stephanie Paulikevitch

About the Director

Rachel Aoun is a Lebanese cinematographer who has collaborated with many Arab and international filmmakers. As DOP, she lensed three feature films; 'Solitaire' (2016) by Sophie Boutros, 'The Last Friday' by Yahya Al Abdallah (Special Jury Award at Dubai International Film Festival 2012) and 'Yanoosak' (2010) by Elie Khalife. Besides numerous TVCs, web series and theatre plays, her work includes documentaries, short films and essays by, among others: Amal Al Muftah’s ‘Sh’hab’ (2018); Carlos Chahine’s ’The Player’s Son’ (2018) and ‘Chekhov in Beirut’ (2016); Georges Hachem’s ‘Messe du Soir’ (2009); Gilles Tarazi’s ‘Tomorrow, 6:30’ (2008), Khalil and Joanna Joreige’s installation ‘On Scams’ (2008) and Lamia Joreige’s ‘And The Living Is Easy (2015).


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