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Fall Grants 2018 - Production Stage
Current project status: PRODUCTION

Khalifa Al-Thani / Short Narrative / Qatar / 10 min / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Immigration


Mohammed, a Middle Eastern man is desperately trying to get through airport security to his destination for an important job interview. As Mohammed proceeds to collect his boarding ticket, he is staggered by the amount of ignorantquestions posed by the Airline representative in Zone One as part of the new rules and regulations. Overwhelmed, he takes a breather and looks around the humid, damp space in Zone Two. The international passersby have been waiting for a long period of time it seems. Getting closer to the security officers, Mohammed sees a Muslim woman being dragged to the Red Zone and another foreigner struggling to get through security. Mohammed’s nerves start to kick in, as he’s in the finalstages of Zone Two. With time running out, he is banished to the Red Zone for no good reason, and with no end in sight. In a single day, Mohammed’s experience of discrimination exhibits a small fracture of the raw reality and ignorance happening in the world today.


Khalifa Al-Thani
Khalifa Al-Thani
Vibhav Gautam, Mohammed Fakhro

About the Director

Khalifa Al-Thani is an independent filmmaker and visual artist. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York City with a degree in Film and Video. Al-Thani experiments with nationalist documentaries and visual art pieces, most notably The Fabricator (2017). He is currently working on his DFI-Granted short film Border and his feature-length screenplay About a Journal. Al Thani is part of the Film Training and Development team at the Doha Film Institute.

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