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Body and Soul

Spring Grants 2020 - Development Stage
Current project status: DEVELOPMENT

Ali Al-Sulaiti / Feature Narrative / Qatar / 75 min / Original Language: English / Interests: Drama


Fahd, a 23-year-old Qatari man, sees no meaning for his life. He is always pessimistic and has no peace of mind. After losing a kickboxing championship fight, his father, Rashid, tries to help him overcome the loss. He tells Fahd that he is working on a book that identifies the secrets to inner peace. Together, they embark on a long journey in search of the true meaning of serenity. They meet the strongest, the smartest, the firmest, the most aware, and the most devout. In the end, the pair discover it’s not only in the mastery of each one of these human-components, but in the way they function in harmony. Fahd finally achieves serenity, wins the kickboxing championships, and his father completes his book, which goes on to become a bestseller.


Ali Al-Sulaiti
Ali Al-Sulaiti
Ala’a Hamash

About the Director

Ali Al-Sulaiti is an architect, director, and animator who graduated from Woodbury University in Architecture and Animation in 2018. He appeared as a contestant on 'Stars of Science (Season 8)' in 2016, a television program about science and innovation with the idea of automatically turning 2D drawings into 3D models. Ala'a Hamash has directed several animated short films that convey messages about positivity and personal development.


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