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Fall Grant 2014 - Post-Production Stage

Mikhail Red / Feature Narrative / Philippines, Qatar / 2016 / 115 min / Colour / Original Language: Filipino / Interests: Coming of age, Drama, Environmental, Social Issues, Youth, Psychological, Based on a True Story


Fifteen-year-old Maya works with her father on an isolated farm in the Philippines. While venturing deep into the mountains, she spots an endangered Philippine Eagle, a protected national symbol, in the forest. Maya shoots and kills the bird. Unaware of her crime, she brings the carcass home, hoping to prove herself to her father. Soon after, authorities start a manhunt to find the eagle killer. During the investigation, the inept local police stumble upon another disturbing case involving an abandoned passenger bus in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile Maya’s father is arrested, and Maya eludes the police by hiding in the forest. She hears the call of an eagle; she follows the sound, which leads her to a grim discovery.


Mikhail Red
Mikhail Red, Rae Red
Pamela Reyes
Production Company
Production Company

About the Director

Mikhail Red is a Filipino independent filmmaker based in Manila. He has participated in numerous film workshops and has been involved in several commercial and motion picture productions. He has written, edited and directed six short films, all of which have been in competition and won awards at international film festivals. At the age of 21, he completed his first award-winning feature-length film entitled 'Rekorder', which was screened in more than 10 international film festivals. At 22, he won the Best New Director award at the 2014 Vancouver International Film Festival.

Awards and Festival History


Osaka Asian Film Festival 2017
Vilnius International Film Festival 2017
Titanic International Film Festival 2017
MOOOV Film Festival 2017
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival 2017


Best Asian Future Film Award, Tokyo International Film Festival 2016 (WP)
The Ingmar Bergman International Debut Award, Goteborg Film Festival 2016


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    Pamela Reyes


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