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Beirut of the Balkans

Fall Grant 2013 - Production/Post-Production Stage

Nicolas Khoury / Short Experimental or Essay / Lebanon, Qatar / 2014 / 54 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic, Croatian, English / Interests: Social Issues, Creative Documentary, Poetic Documentary


Sarajevo has gone through historical stages that parallel those of Beirut: the old town, the hell city, the ghost town and the new city. This film highlights the similar phases the two cities have lived through before and during the Lebanese Civil War and the Bosnian War, via the citizens of Sarajevo and the Lebanese people who live there, in order to underline the current relationship between the citizens and their new city rebuilt. Like Beirut, Sarajevo after the war is a city that has started from zero, not only in its material and visual appearance, but also in restoring its relationship with its population, who now have a new vision of their city.


Nicolas Khoury
Nicolas Khoury
Nicolas Khoury

About the Director

Nicolas Khoury obtained his BA in Audiovisual Directing in 2010 from the Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (University of Balamand – Lebanon). He works as an editor, and 'Al Hara' is his first documentary film. The film won the Special Jury Award in Mediteran Film Festival 2012 and was selected for the Ismailia International Film Festival and Ayam Beirut Al Cinema’iya in 2013.

Awards and Festival History


Les Ecrans du Reel 2015
FilmFest Munchen 2016, CineVision Competition


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