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Beirut Hold'em

Spring Grant 2011 - Production Stage

Michel Kammoun / Feature Narrative / Lebanon, France, Qatar / 100 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, Social Issues


Fresh out of prison, Ziko is ready to start a new life. Determined to win back Carole, the love of his life, he plans to open a gambling joint. Reuniting with childhood friends in Beirut, he learns that his brother died in an illegal motorbike race and decides to save his brother’s friend from the same fate. Driven by a relentless will to succeed, Ziko sets out on a journey through contemporary post-war Lebanon, a place comprised of a unique mix of violence, tenderness, tensions and a sense of lightness.


Michel Kammoun
Michel Kammoun
Georges Schoucair, Edouard Mauriat

About the Director

Michel Kammoun was born in 1969 in Beirut. After studying architecture there, he went to Paris to study filmmaking. His short films have participated in prestigious international festivals and have been widely broadcast. His critically acclaimed debut feature, ‘Falafel’ (2006), won top international awards and participated in major film festivals worldwide, including the Tribeca Film Festival, the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Dubai International Film Festival.

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