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Fall Grants 2021 - Post-Production Stage

Makbul Mubarak / Feature Narrative / Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Poland, Germany, France, Qatar / 2022 / 117 min / Original Language: Indonesian / Interests: Drama


When his father is imprisoned, and his brother migrates, Rakib (18) is left alone to housekeep a mansion of Purna (62), a retired general. Purna returns to run in the mayoral election, giving Rakib a new purpose—to help with the campaign. In exchange, Purna teaches Rakib confidence. Rakib and Purna become mutually dependent. One day, Purna’s campaign poster is vandalized. Purna takes this as a personal offence, so Rakib roams around to find Agus, the perpetrator. Rakib threatens Agus in an effort to make him apologise and brings him to Purna. After Purna beats Agus to death, Rakib is racked with guilt. He tries to escape, but Purna hints he will kill him if he ever does so. The only way for Rakib to save himself is to murder Purna.


Makbul Mubarak
Makbul Mubarak
Yulia Evina Bhara

About the Director

Makbul Mubarak is a film director and screenwriter based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from the School of Film, TV and Multimedia at the Korea National University of Arts in 2014. He is also one of the co-founders of the Indonesian film critics collective CinemaPoetica. His short film 'The Malediction' received the Special Mention Award at Singapore International Film Festival in 2017. His debut feature fiction film 'Autobiography' was developed at Torino Film Lab and SEAFIC, among others, and has received support from Aide aux cinémas du monde, World Cinema Fund, Polish Film Institute, and Doha Film Institute.


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    Yulia Evina Bhara

    KawanKawan Media

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