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Spring Grants 2020 - Post-Production Stage

Yuri Ancarani / Feature Documentary / Italy, France, Qatar / 2021 / 90 min / Original Language: Italian / Interests: Creative Documentary, Coming of age, Social Issues, Experimental


In Venice between the gondolas, canals and palaces, tourists pour in as residents head out. Local population has fallen to fewer than 50,000 inhabitants, less than the daily tourist visits. However, next to the historical centre, there’s a hidden and silent lagoon surrounded by small invisible villages. A parallel world where residents resist, living a unique life, just in front of Venice. It’s here that young guys bump into little boats running at full speed with their bows rising up into the sky. They call them “Barchini”—small, colourful, fast with souped-up engines, driven by Venetian teenagers as if these motorboats were motorbikes. They take care of the boat’s aesthetic and accessories, they make them fancy through Hi-Fi, coloured LEDs, and light decorations, they work hard to pimp the engine or the stereo system. The cooler and more equipped with options the boat is, the cooler is the guy. And at the end of the day, after the usual party on a deserted island, here they are, challenging each other in dangerous illegal races to win girls’ hearts. Without lights to avoid the police, pointing their bows and wildly heading towards the Serenissima. Daniele, Luca, Alberto—our main characters—will drive us into their summer made by dreams and nightmares of a generation running at full speed.


Yuri Ancarani
Yuri Ancarani
Marco Alessi, Fiorella Moretti

About the Director

Yuri Ancarani is an Italian video artist and filmmaker. His works come from a continuous mingling of documentary cinema and contemporary art. They are the result of a research aimed to explore regions which are not very visible in daily life, realities in which the artist delves in first-person. He has won several awards such as Locarno FF Jury Special Prize, Talent Prize 2012, nominated for "Nonfiction Feature Filmmaking", Cinema Eye Honors (Museum of Moving Image, New York); "Grand Prix in Lab Competition", Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival (France); "Honorable Mention", Dokufest (Kosovo); and "Best Documentary", New Horizon I.F.F. (Poland).


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    Marco Alessi

    Dugong Films

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