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Fall Grants 2020 - Production Stage

Youssef Chebbi / Feature Narrative / Tunisia, France, Qatar / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Thriller, Politics


In the gardens of Carthage, a new district where modern buildings are juxtaposed with abandoned sites and wastelands, the body of a caretaker is found calcined in the middle of a construction site. Batal and Fatma are in charge of the investigation and begin by questioning the workers of the neighbouring yards. The police quickly conclude suicide by immolation, a gesture of despair. Batal and Fatma refute this thesis. Why choose a place so reclusive when usually one immolates oneself in the city centres, hoping to provoke a popular reaction? A few days later, in the same neighbourhood, a teenager is found dead in the middle of a wasteland, also calcined. Our investigators are far from imagining what will happen next…


Youssef Chebbi
Youssef Chebbi
Farès Ladjimi
Production Company
Supernova Films

About the Director

Youssef Chebbi is an author and director born in Tunisia in 1984. After studying art, he directed two short films, ‘Vers le Nord’ and ‘Les Profondeurs’. Both were made with the support of the CNC and went on to feature in competition at Festival de Clermont Ferrand and several other international festivals. In 2012 he co-directed a feature documentary ‘Babylon’ which won the jury prize at the FID of Marseille and was presented at MoMA.


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    Farès Ladjimi

    Supernova Films

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