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Spring Grant 2011 - Development Stage

Ahmad Ghossein / Feature Narrative / Lebanon, Qatar / 90 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic / Interests: Drama, War, Dark Comedy, Based on a True Story


In a small village in the south of Lebanon, during the last days of the July War, five people try to escape the bombing: a young woman with her older husband; two old men; and Marwan, a young man recently arrived from Beirut who is looking for his father. They decide to hide in the basement of a house that has not yet been destroyed but after they do, Israeli soldiers enter the first floor. They are trapped in their location and by their own fears, and the situation soon spirals out of control.


Ahmad Ghossein
Ahmad Ghossein
Georges Schoucair

About the Director

Ahmad Ghossein is a filmmaker and video artist who graduated with a BA in theatre arts from the Lebanese University. He won the Best Director award at the Beirut International Film Festival in 2004 for his short film ‘Operation N’. He has since directed several documentaries and videos, including ‘My Father Is Still a Communist’ (2011) commissioned by the Sharjah Art Foundation; ‘210m’ (2007), commissioned by Ashkal Alwan for the first edition of video works, and ‘An Arab Comes to Town’ (2008), a documentary shot in Denmark and produced by DR2. Ahmad is one of the founders of Maqamat Dance Theatre in Beirut.


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