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After the Bridge

Spring Grants 2022 - Post-Production Stage

Davide Rizzo, Marzia Toscano / Feature Documentary / Italy, Qatar / 2023 / 65 min / Original Language: Italian / Interests: Documentary


Valeria Collina, an Italian woman who converted to Islam, returned to live in Italy in the summer of 2015 after twenty years in Morocco. Two years later, her life is shaken by the death of her young son Youssef, a member of the jihadist command who caused eight deaths on London Bridge on June 3 2017. Twenty-four hours later, as the attackers’ names are released, her small house in the hills of Bologna is swarmed by television crews from around the world. Valeria, in a state of shock, publicly condemns the actions of her son and decides not to attend his funeral. Following the confusion of those first few days, Valeria finds herself alone in the quiet of her house, having to put her life back together.


Davide Rizzo, Marzia Toscano
Davide Rizzo, Marzia Toscano
Adam Selo, Olga Torrico
Production Company
Sayonara Film

About the Director

Davide Rizzo is an Italian director and producer. In 2004 he founded Elenfant Film, with which he realizes innovative works, focusing especially on human rights and collective memory. In 2008 he directed a doc series, ‘Brustulein’, presented in Bologna at Cinema Ritrovato, at the Torino Film Festival and at Italian Cinema London. In 2011 he made the documentary ‘Old Cinema: Bologna Melodrama’, which won the Arkipel Award in Jakarta (2013) and Doc Under 30 in Bologna (2013). ‘A Western Movie Without Horses’, was presented at Biografilm Festival in 2017. The same year he directed a short film, ‘Anna & Bassam’, part of the series ’13.11’, that he also produced and was selected and awarded in many festivals worldwide.

Marzia Toscano is an Italian director. In 2017 she directed her first documentary, ‘A Western Movie Without Horses’, written and directed together with Davide Rizzo, a film on the visionary filmmaker Mauro Mingardi. The screenplay was a finalist at Premio Solinas 2012. The film, produced by Elenfant Film, Imago Orbis and Maxman Coop, had its theatrical release in October 2017.


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