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A Year Of Endless Days

Fall Grants 2021 - Post-Production Stage

Renata Lucic / Feature Documentary / Croatia, Qatar / 70 min / Original Language: Croatian / Interests: Women, Social Issues, Immigration, Family, Identity, Creative Documentary, Human


‘A Year of Endless Days’ follows two men from a Croatian village—Tomislav and Joso. They are in their 50s, living without their wives. Mostly in search of means for a better life, these women went to work abroad. They found new partners and moved permanently. We are introduced to the film by the director, who is also the narrator and the protagonist of the film—Renata. She is Tomislav’s daughter, and the story begins with her coming to her home village to visit her lonely father. Throughout the film, Renata follows Tomislav and Joso in their daily life routines. Joso regularly demonstrates his culinary skills at home or on the banks of the Sava River, where he and Tomislav delight in his delicacies. During their comedic gatherings, the two friends often have conversations where, besides having a good time, they complain and lament. Through their communication, we discover their life stories and get to know them as people. The film is mostly based on Renata’s observation, but at times she is participating by asking the guys questions, discussing something with them and also taking part in their activities, trying to understand her background and how to go forward.


Production Company
Wolfgang&Dolly LLC

About the Director

Renata Lučić graduated in History with her thesis ‘The ideological transition of film culture in the Republic of Croatia from 1945-1948’. During her studies, she made her first films in various film and screenplay workshops. As part of the Organ Vida Festival, she held her first photographic exhibition and her first experimental film, ‘Organizirani svijet kupovine sreća (An Organized World of Buying Happiness)’. Following that, she made her documentary films ‘Čestica 81/5 (Particle 81/5)’ as part of the Fade-in production and ‘Poša nam je alavija’. In 2015, Renata enrolled at the Zagreb Academy of Dramatic Art, in Film and TV Directing, where she made her documentary film ‘Kol’ko god nas noge nose’ which screened at numerous festivals premiering at Zagreb Dox in 2018. Her first live-action film, ‘Peti kat lijevo’, later premiered at Zagreb Film Festival. Renata currently works at More-Magnets production, alongside director Filip Filković as a production duo with a focus on music videos, live-action, documentary films, TV series and commercials. She is currently preparing a script for a live-action feature film and a musical documentary series.


  • Main Contact

    Tamara Babun

    Wolfgang&Dolly LLC

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