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Spring Grant 2015 - Production Stage
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Oualid Mouaness / Feature Narrative / Lebanon, United States of America, Norway, Qatar / 2019 / 100 min / Colour / Original Language: Arabic, English / Interests: Coming of age, Drama, Politics, History, War, Children


As the academic year draws to a close at a school high in the mountains of Lebanon, eleven-year-old Wissam struggles to pluck up the courage to reveal his true feelings to classmate Joanna. After numerous failed attempts, he is left despondent when led to believe that his best friend has betrayed his trust. To make matters worse, the day is suddenly interrupted when an air invasion reaches the capital, Beirut, and shatters the school’s calm. The imminent danger only makes Wissam even more resolute, as it becomes clear that no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

This story of burgeoning love set against the backdrop of the blitz of Beirut in 1982 portrays that, even in conflict, life still goes on. For a dreamer like Wissam, it’s hard to immediately comprehend the gravity of the approaching violence, but for his teachers, Yesmine (Nadine Labaki) and Joseph (Rodrigue Sleiman), the jets roaring overhead are a sign of something much graver on the horizon. With extraordinary performances by all, the film perfectly captures the slow erosion of innocence, but one in which childlike imagination finds a way to triumph in the end.


Oualid Mouaness
Oualid Mouaness
Georges Schoucair, Oualid Mouaness, Alix Madigan, Myriam Sassine, Christopher Tricarico
Executive Producer
Rodney Adler, Jessie Creel, Anderson Hinsch, Candice Abela-Mikati, Fouad Mikati, Jorge Takla, Christopher Alender, David A. Smith

About the Director

Oualid Mouaness is a Liberian-born producer, writer, and director who grew up in Lebanon. He holds an MFA in writing and directing from Florida State University and has directed the short films 'Saint in the Sun' (2002) and 'The Rifle, the Jackal, the Wolf, and the Boy' (2016), which was shortlisted for an Oscar in 2017. He has also produced music videos for David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Lana Del Rey, and Justin Timberlake, among others.

Production Company Profile

Abbout Productions produces feature films and documentaries with a distinctly Arab voice, expressing the identity of the region. Since 1998, the company has managed to bring together an important network of Arab and Lebanese artists, and produced award-winning films such as Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige’s ‘A Perfect Day’ (2005), ‘I Want to See’ (2008), ‘The Lebanese Rocket Society’ (2012) and ‘Memory Box’ (2020); Ghassan Salhab’s ‘The Last Man’ (2006) and ‘The Valley’ (2014); Georges Hashem’s ‘Stray Bullet’ (2010); Mohamad Malas’s ‘Ladder to Damascus’ (2013); Vatche Boulghourjian’s ‘Tramontane’ (2016); Rana Eid's ‘Panoptic’ (2017); Mohamed Siam’s ‘Amal’ (2017); Oualid Mouannes’ ‘1982’ (2019), Ahmad Ghossein’s ‘All This Victory’ (2019). The company’s main objective remains to help structure Lebanese and Arab cinema craft into a solid industry.

Tricycle (Lebanon), a recently formed production entity, is a subsidiary of Tricycle Logic (US), which has been in operation since 2000. Oualid Mouaness, the principal of Tricycle, has a track record of producing award-winning,
socially conscious films, as well as highprofile commercials, music videos and live events. Tricycle’s main objective in establishing a presence in the Middle East is to embark on facilitating Levantcentric projects, with the belief that the best way to effect positive change in the world is through storytelling and the arts.

Awards and Festival History


El Gouna International Film Festival 2019
TIFF 2019


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