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The Unlucky Hamster

Ajyal Competition

Abdulaziz Khashabi / Short Narrative / Qatar, Indonesia / 2019 / 6 min / Colour / DCP
In No Dialogue
Interests: Animation, Comedy, Thriller, Children, 3D Animation


Fluffy is a cute little hamster who just can't catch a break! Every day he patiently waits in his cage at the pet store for someone to pick him. Dreaming of a new home, he thinks he has finally been rescued when a mysterious man approaches. But poor Fluffy's dream soon turns into a living nightmare, as his new owner has ulterior motives for the purchase.

About the Directors

Abdulaziz Mohammed Khashabi is a Qatari filmmaker and engineer, who worked for seven years as a maintenance planning engineer. He graduated from the University of Portsmouth in the UK and holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering. He has a passion for animation films and has written scripts, as well as designed characters and storyboards. His scriptwriting work includes a feature film, a couple of short films, and a traditional Qatari series consisting of 15 episodes.


Abdulaziz Khashabi
Abdulaziz Khashabi
Abdulla Al Janahi, Fabian Loing
Caturadi Septembrianto
Production Company
Green Tree Productions, Lumine Studio

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