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Ajyal Film Festival 2019

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Ajyal Award Winners 2019 - Short Film Programme

Runtime: 92 min


  • Sat, Dec 7, 05:30 PM, Museum of Islamic Art - Auditorium (MIA-A)

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  • The Unlucky Hamster

    Ajyal Competition

    Fluffy is a cute little hamster who just can't catch a break! Every day he patiently waits in his cage at th…

    Abdulaziz Khashabi / Qatar, Indonesia / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • Child of the Earth

    Ajyal Competition

    The overview effect is the sensation described by astronauts looking back at the Earth from space: an overwhel…

    Claudio Fäh / Switzerland, United States of America / 2018 / Short Documentary

  • Falling Leaves

    Made in Qatar

    It's a big day in the life of a little girl, as she is finally being inducted into the family business—embalmi…

    Dimitri Yuri / Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • The Ostrich Politic

    Ajyal Competition

    In this poetic tale about behavioural misconceptions and the dangers of narrow-mindedness, we join an advanced…

    Mohamad Houhou / France / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • In The Middle

    Ajyal Competition

    Forced to pick up arms, young soldiers are stuck in the middle of the ongoing war in Yemen.

    Mariam Al-Dhubhani / Yemen, Qatar / 2019 / Short Documentary

  • End of the Road

    Made in Qatar

    Munir is an honest taxi driver, known within the local community as being principled and trustworthy, always w…

    Ahmad Adnan Al-Sharif / Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • Beit Byoot

    Ajyal Competition

    Set in a dystopian dollhouse, Jameela, a friendly little girl wants nothing more than to fit in with the other…

    Mayar Hamdan / Jordan, Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • Maradona's Legs

    Ajyal Competition

    In a Palestinian village during the 1990 Football World Cup, two young brothers Rafat and Fadel are struggling…

    Firas Khoury / Germany, Palestine / 2019 / Short Narrative

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