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3 Hours (Talath Sa'at)

Arab Short Film Competition

Regan Hall / Short Narrative / U.K., Jordan / 2010 / 14 min / Color / HDCAM
In Arabic / English subtitles
Interests: Based on a True Story, Drama, History, Politics
World Premiere
Rated: General Audiences. Suitable for ages 4 and up.

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An afternoon football game unexpectedly turns into a gruesome bloodbath in this revenge tale based on an actual 2007 crime. After militants gun down a group of children playing in an otherwise quiet Baghdad suburb, the brother of one victim seeks vengeance while the entire community turns on itself.

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About the Directors

Regan Hall
Beginning his career as an editor, New Zealand-born British director Regan Hall has made fashion films for Dolce & Gabbana, "Dazed & Confused", and Swarovski. His first short film, "3 Hours" was shot in Jordan with an all-Iraqi cast. Hall graduated from film school in New Zealand, and moved to the U.K. in 2000.


Regan Hall
Sam Snape
Regan Hall, Issa Sawaqed, Toby Stone
Lewis Albrow
Director of Photography
Leo Bund
Executive Producer
Hossam Allam
Bari Parrott
Bari Parrott
Leo Bund
Mohammed Jawal, Rafat Basel, Naseem Baha, Diana Adel, Abdullah Amer

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