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  • Gevar's Land

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2020

    Newly settled with his partner and son in a suburb of Reims, Gevar—who has arrived from Syria,…

    Qutaiba Barhamji / France, Qatar / Feature Documentary

  • Grandma, A Thousand Times

    Arab Film Competition - Doha Tribecca Film Festival 2010

    This personal documentary about the filmmaker's Beiruti grandmother uses innovative and poetic…

    Mahmoud Kaabour / United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon / Feature Documentary

  • Hafreiat

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2022

    Abo Dya is a fugitive from Amman who lives in Gneyya, a small village in northern Jordan. He re…

    Alex Sardà / Spain, Qatar, Jordan / Feature Documentary

  • Hayati

    Special Screening - Ajyal Film Festival 2018

    In 2015, Ossamah Al Mohsen and his 8-year-old son were tripped up by a TV reporter as they atte…

    Sofi Escudé, Liliana Torres / Spain, France / Feature Documentary

  • Honeyland

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Film Festival 2019

    Deep in an isolated mountain region within the Balkans, Hatidze Muratova lives with her mother…

    Tamara Kotevska, Ljubomir Stefanov / North Macedonia / Feature Documentary

  • House in the Fields

    Ajyal Competition - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2017

    High in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, life in an isolated rural Amazigh community has changed…

    Tala Hadid / Morocco, Qatar / Feature Documentary

  • I Am Greta

    Special Screening - Ajyal Film Festival 2020

    The story of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is told through compelling, never before s…

    Nathan Grossman / Sweden / Feature Documentary