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Bader - ages 18+ - Ajyal Youth Film Festival 2014

للترجمة العربية اضغط على

Gitanjali Rao / Short Narrative / India / 2014 / 19 min / Colour / DCP / In No Dialogue / MENA Premiere
Rated: Parental guidance advised for viewers under the age of 15. Individuals under the age of 15 are not admitted into cinemas unless accompanied by an individual aged 18 or over.


A dramatic and fluid animation style wonderfully captures the streets of Mumbai in this tale that places the romantic excesses of Bollywood side-by-side with the reality of life on the mean streets of one of India’s largest cities. It’s love at first sight when a flower seller sees a young woman across a busy road, but the rocky road to happiness is strewn with surprises and disappointment fit for a first-class silver-screen drama.

About the Director

Gitanjali Rao is the writer and director of ‘Bombay Rose’, an animated feature film supported by DFI that won seven awards, including the Silver Hugo at the 53rd Chicago Intl Film Fest and had its MENA premiere at Ajyal in 2019. Gitanjali emerged on the international stage with the animated short film ‘Printed Rainbow’, which premièred and won three awards at Cannes Critics Week, 2006. The film also made it to the Oscar shortlist in 2008 and won 25 awards. A self-taught animator and filmmaker, Gitanjali has independently produced seven animated short films which have been to over 150 International film festivals and received more than 30 awards.


Gitanjali Rao
Gitanjali Rao
Gitanjali Rao
Gitanjali Rao
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