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DTFF’s Industry Events to Stimulate Dialogue on Script to Screen Facets of Filmmaking, Financing and Technology

Nov 05, 2012

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Doha, Qatar; November 5, 2012: Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF), the cultural celebration of Doha Film Institute (DFI), will highlight the diverse aspects of filmmaking – from story development, implementation of technology, to distribution, at ‘Doha Talks,’ featuring a series of 13 thought-provoking industry events, special screenings, and extended Q&A sessions with renowned filmmakers.

From an ‘*In Conversation with Robert De Niro*,’ to discuss some of the most illustrious moments in his career, to vivid insights on of the making of The Reluctant Fundamentalist with Mira Nair, mapping her dynamic journey through five cities on three continents; the public panels at this year’s Doha Talks will debate the key issues in the regional and international cinematic landscape.

Headlining the Doha Talks segment are the Industry Events, open to industry guests, will feature over 45 regional and international industry professionals and veterans. Doha Talks aims to stimulate dialogue, promote the skills of emerging talent and discuss the newest trends in the global filmmaking landscape.

In addition to the ‘In Conversation with Robert De Niro’ and ‘The Global Landscape: Making the Reluctant Fundamentalist,’ the public panels under Doha Talks include: Transmedia: Storytelling in the Digital Age, which explores the boundaries of film in correlation to gaming, modern technology, and the future of storytelling; Khaleeji Films: Overcoming Stereotypes, discussing the regional and international influences on current Khaleeji filmmaking; Going Global: Can Bollywood Films Really Cross Over?, which emphasises the future of Bollywood’s audience saturation; Emerging Cinema of Change, hosted by Northwestern University Qatar and representing the continuity of socially conscious films, and an evolving cinematic language and form; and Express Yourself, exploring creative potential in the young and the young-at heart; in addition to two extended Q&As for Michael Singh’s Valentino’s Ghost and Rambod Javan’s No Entry for Men.

Panelists include actors Robert Deniro and Hend Sabry, actor, producer and writer Jeremy Brock, Academy award winning editor and producer Lisa Fruchtman, filmmakers Mira Nair, Hayfa Al Mansour, Shimit Amin, Michael Singh, Rambod Javan and Ashutosh Gowariker, producers Titus Kreyenberg, Kurt Woolner, Bassam Al Thawadi and animator Mohammed Saeed Harib amongst others.

Another key component of the Festival is Doha Projects, DFI’s innovative industry programme, which will pave the path for 40 DFI grantees to network with regional and international film experts through one-on-one meetings and exclusive sessions. Aiming to nurture home-grown cinema talent, Doha Projects will enable the participants to engage in productive meetings and networking sessions for potential development, realisation, distribution, and promotion of their works internationally.

Doha Projects oversees DFI grantees’ and their access to mentoring across all spectrums of the film industry, nurturing regional filmmakers and maximising their full potential to realise their DFI-funded projects.

Building upon the mandate of DFI’s Film Financing divison, Doha Projects will link projects with mentors and financiers through a series of industry sessions including: Distribution and How to make your Film Travel, which highlights different territories, market trends and distribution platforms; Investment Strategies in the Global Film Industry, hosted by Miramax, offering valuable insight into emerging trends, risk mitigation, available financing options, and distribution models, among others. The Festival will also host a Master Class with Screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, the renowned writers of the last five James Bond movies

The industry aspect of DTFF provides audiences and enthusiasts to understand the epochal changes the region’s film landscape is undergoing, bringing new filmmakers to the forefront, while strengthening an appreciation of films in Qatar.

The events and programme at the fourth Doha Tribeca Film Festival underscores Doha Film Institute’s mandate to provide audiences with opportunities for education and entertainment in important community spaces.