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Geekdom Cosplay Competition

In association with Nakama, Geekdom will host an epic cosplay competition this year. So be sure to come dressed as your favorite characters for a chance to win amazing prizes!

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Geekdom Tournaments

Prepare for gladiatorial combat as Geekdom’s Gaming Tournaments return with another incredible selection of titles for you to compete in.
Leave everything on the pitch in FIFA 22, or take it all out on your opponent in Tekken 7—we’ve got something for every gamer!

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Calling all Geeks!

At Geekdom, we love to support Qatar’s thriving creative community. That’s why every year, we open up our event to all talented artists and collectors to help them promote themselves and sell their merchandise to thousands of visitors.

Do you have creative products, artworks or collectables you’d like to sell?

Apply now to be part of our exclusive Artists and Seller’s area at this year’s Geekdom!

Applications close 16 October 2021.

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