Calling all Cosplayers

Choose Your Cosplay Character at Geekdom.

Prepare for a captivating display of creativity and flair at our annual cosplay competition! Partnering with Nakama, we are setting the stage for you to become your favourite character. Grab this chance to win fabulous prizes and enjoy the atmosphere.

Category Age Group Date
Performance 14+ years old 23 February 2024
Craftsmanship 14+ years old 17 February 2024
Kids 5 – 13 years old 17 February 2024

Become the character you love—register today!


By signing this form to participate in the cosplay Competition, you confirm that you have read and agreed to follow all the rules and regulations in the event that you will participate in:

  1. Who can take part?
    Anyone who will be in (Doha, Qatar) is eligible to apply and participate in the Competition. Doha Film Institute staff members (and their families) are also eligible to enter the Competition, subject to fulfilment of regular work commitments.

  2. Submission Deadline?
    The deadline for receiving applications is 5 February 2024 and all applications must be received before the end of that day.

  3. Are there any rules relating to the type of Costume I can make?

    Yes, please see the guidelines below:
    • The Geekdom Event 2024 is a family-friendly event.
    • Please respect the local culture, the illusion of nudity is unacceptable, no exceptions.
    • Bodysuits that are skin-tight, leather, pvc, cotton, or any other material are not permitted.
    • Low cleavage, v or u lines that expose the chest without an undercover are prohibited.
    • During events/gatherings, no one is allowed to be topless – ALL costumes must adhere to the official Geekdom event 2024 rules and regulations.
    • Outfits/costumes that offend religious groups, cultural, or political causes, or have a race-based agenda, will not be tolerated.
    • Offensive language of any kind is not allowed – no racial or sexual epithets; no profanity, etc.
    • Military-themed cosplay/attire are permitted, but the following should be avoided: some groups that are centered on “supremacy,” and any country’s military outfits should not be used as cosplay.
    • Cosplay military outfits should be only from Fiction, and kindly provide reference.
    • Skirts and shorts must reach the base or the midpoint of your knee.
    • Black shorts are to be worn underneath your skirt.
    • No fetish wear.
    • Written vulgarity on cosplay/outfits is strictly prohibited.
    • Weapons of any sort real or props such as knives, bows and arrows, and BB guns, including real sharp katanas and swords, will not be tolerated, however fictional weapons such as key blades, genshin impact weapons and so forth. Before any event kindly provide an image of the weapon to get an approval.
    • Special effects makeup is acceptable, however anything depicting self-harm to the arms or other regions is not.
    • At all times, shoes must be worn. At the very least, flip-flops.
    • No black face.
    • No excessive violence.
    • No sexual activity or contact – real or implied.
    • Be clever, not crass! If you think your costume or presentation might be too risqué or offensive, it probably is.

We hope to see you at Geekdom.

Applications closed.