Film Talk

DFI Education

  • 1 Minute Films

    The products of our 1 Minute Film workshops where students learn to create personal, original stories

  • Video Art Workshop with Koken Ergun

    Acclaimed Turkish Video Artist Kokun Ergun teaches students in Doha how to make art, with film.

  • DFI Animation Workshops

    Animation Artist Rahab Elewaly takes a lucky class at the Doha Montessori British School on a colorful ride through the wonderful world of Animation.

  • DTFF Filmmaker's Lab

    A group of 8 aspiring filmmakers from Qatar participate in a series of four filmmaking workshops over a 7 month period, including a week-long trip to New York.

  • Music Video Workshops

    Follow the challenges DFI students went through in making music videos in dessert terrain, with blistering heat and animal actors.

  • Acting for the Camera with Ashraf Farah 2011

    Palestinian actor and acting instructor Ashraf Farah taught key techniques for acting in front of the camera.

  • DIY Documentary Filmmaking

    In our DIY Documentary Filmmaking series, we zoom in on the bones of Documentary filmmaking from development right through to post-production.

  • DFI Student Shorts

    A selection of compelling Short Films made in the last 12 months by our students at the Doha Film Institute.

  • Mythology Fortnight

    What are myths? How were they used? Why are stories of good against evil so important to us? Join our experts to find out more.

  • Film 3.0

    Celebrate advances in digital cinematography, film marketing and more with Film 3.0 .

  • Anti-Piracy Week

    Learn all about anti-piracy this week!

  • Unconventional Love Stories

    When most people think about love, they envision the classic narrative that is often portrayed as girl meets boy...

  • Celebrating 80's Cinema


  • Documentary Fortnight

    Documentary films are a powerful genre within cinema and should be considered as equals to narratives in the world of movie making...