Ajyal Film Festival 2020


  • Katara Building 10

    Katara Building 10 is home to the Ajyal Katara Main Box Office.

    3–17 November (2:00 PM–8:00 PM)
    18–23 November (2:00 PM–10:00 PM)
    Katara Building 10, Main Box Office (K10-BO)

  • Katara Building 16

    Katara Building 16 is to the right when entering from the underground parking facility. This venue houses both the Katara Opera House and the Katara Drama Theatre.

    Katara Opera House (K16-OH)
    Katara Drama Theatre (K16-DT)

  • Katara Building 18

    Katara Building 18, Gallery 1 & 2 are home to Geekdom, Qatar’s largest pop-culture event. Pass by to check out the various Geekdom activities.

    Katara Building 18, Geekdom (K18-G, K19-GC)

  • Katara Building 19

    Katara Building 19, Gallery 1, hosts ARC, an exhibition by Doha Film Institute

    Katara Building 19, Gallery 1, ARC (K19-A)

  • Museum of Islamic Art Park, SONY Cinema Under the Stars (MIA-SC)

    SONY Cinema Under the Stars is located at the Museum of Islamic Art Park. All programming at this venue is free, and tickets are not required for admission. Seating is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Ajyal at Novo Cinemas, The Pearl

    In partnership with Novo Cinemas, we are thrilled to bring viewers another selection of screenings at their Pearl Theatre. The programme offers a variety of feature films from across the globe, as well as a slate of short films made right here in Qatar.

    All tickets for Ajyal screenings at Novo can be purchased at Novo Cinemas, The Pearl’s box office or online.

  • Ajyal at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City

    As Ajyal continues to expand, we are excited to announce that this year, we have partnered with VOX Cinemas and will be showing a series of exclusive screenings at their Doha Festival City theatre. The programme features a selection of acclaimed international and domestic films.

    All tickets for Ajyal screenings at VOX can be purchased at Ajyal Box Office at VOX Cinemas, Doha Festival City or online.