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Ajyal Film Festival 2019

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Runtime: 119 min

Some things in life cannot be taught—they must be experienced. This short programme showcases how valuable lessons can be learnt, even in hardship.


  • Patision Avenue

    Ajyal Competition

    Yanni’s mum is on her way to audition for a role as Shakespeare’s Viola, when she discovers that her young son…

    Thanasis Neofotistos / Greece / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • It's a Long Way From Amphioxus

    Ajyal Competition

    In a dimly lit immigration centre, with only the glowing red numbers of the queue-management system shining br…

    Kamal Aljafari / Germany / 2019 / Short Documentary

  • Aziza

    Ajyal Competition

    Ayman (Abdel Mounaem Amayri), a Syrian refugee in Lebanon, teaches his wife (Caresse Bashar) to drive in his b…

    Soudade Kaadan / Lebanon, Syria / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • Ambience

    Ajyal Competition

    Two aspiring musicians struggle desperately to find a quiet space in their refugee camp to record a song for a…

    Wisam Al Jafari / Palestine / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • For the Sake of Yousef

    Ajyal Competition

    Yousef's mother is getting ready for a movie night-in to watch the aptly named horror 'Run for your Life'. As…

    Yousef Al Bagshi / Kuwait / / Short Narrative

  • The Black Veil

    Ajyal Competition

    Unfortunately, many women around the world are currently suffering under oppression and desperately dream of e…

    A.J. Al-Thani / Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

  • Threads

    Ajyal Competition

    In her latest animated short, 'Threads', Oscar-winning director Torill Kove explores the universal love story…

    Torill Kove / Canada, Norway / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • End of the Road

    Ajyal Competition

    Munir is an honest taxi driver, known within the local community as being principled and trustworthy, always w…

    Ahmad Adnan Al-Sharif / Qatar / 2019 / Short Narrative

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