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Christoffer Andersen / Short Narrative / France / 4 min / Colour / DCP
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A young boy dreams of becoming a pilot when he grows up. For now, he lives out this fantasy through his remote-controlled aeroplane. One day, his beloved toy gets stuck in a tree, and he must climb to retrieve it. There's just one problem—he is afraid of heights! Through strong willpower and a little inspiration from a passing pilot, he rescues his plane and lets his imagination truly soar!

About the Directors

Christoffer Andersen is a professional animator and aspiring storyteller. He holds a bachelor's degree in arts and character animation from the Animation Workshop in Denmark. Since graduating, he has been working professionally as a character animator, all the while developing stories in his spare time. Christoffer is currently a senior animator at Teamto in France, working on well-known TV shows for the Disney Channel and Netflix amongst others.


Christoffer Andersen
Production Company
The Animation Workshop
Thomas Richard Christensen / Markus Villekjær Lassen

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