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Where Are You Right Meow?

Special Screening

Maysam Al-Ani / Unknown / Qatar / 2018 / 6 min / Colour / Apple Pro Res 422
In No Dialogue
Interests: Coming of age, Youth, Adventure, Immigration, Family, Friendship, Identity, Children
No Premiere


A young artist, Ayako, struggles with creative block. Suddenly, her beloved cat Beru goes missing, and she goes to look for him around her neighbourhood. During her search though, Beru is not the only one that ends up lost. Will Ayako be able to find Beru and her way home? A charming tale about the difference between a 'house' and a 'home', and how the latter can be renewed and redefined as we grow.

About the Directors

Maysam Al-Ani is a filmmaker who has worked in roles of director, assistant director, and art director in various independent narrative works. Being an Iraqi born in America and living in Qatar, the concept of 'home' is something she often investigates, which she has done with her animated film 'Where Are You Right Meow?' (2018).


Maysam Al-Ani
Maysam Al-Ani
Saif Al-Solaiti
Sana Hussein
Sana Hussein
Adam Abou-Gad
Animation Director: Devon Kong
Noeru Saeki

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