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Voices from the Urbanscape (Aswat Al-Umran Al-Hadeeth)

Made in Qatar

Shaima Al Tamimi, Mariam Salim / Short Documentary / Qatar / 2017 / 6 min / Colour / DCP
In Arabic, Bengali, English, Spanish / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Identity, Creative Documentary, Poetic Documentary
World Premiere


Visions of construction in contemporary Doha neatly express its nearly manic pace of growth, while various voices from the community describe the city’s progress, lament the loss of nature that goes with urbanisation, consider the beauty of the new buildings, and discuss Doha’s cosmopolitan personality. A sort of travelogue around Qatar’s capital in development, ‘Voices from the Urbanscape’ is an apt reflection of a burgeoning 21st-century city with a mission, and a tribute to its multicultural success.

About the Directors

Shaima Al Tamimi is a photographer and cultural explorer who captures stories ignited by culture, travel and human behaviour. In 2016, she hosted a travel documentary on MBC TV highlighting stories on Arab women who empower their community through entrepreneurship.

Mariam Salim’s passion for film started at a young age. She recently participated in the production of a few short films. She is currently finalising the screenplay of the feature-length Arabian fantasy, 'By the Cave', which was granted an RFC Rawi fellowship.


Shaima Al Tamimi, Mariam Salim
Shaima Al Tamimi, Mariam Salim
Mariam Salim, Shaima Al Tamimi
Mariam Salim, Shaima Al Tamimi
Hadeer Omar, Idris Elhassan
Adel Al Zoraiqi, Abdelaziz Eisa, Abelkhaliq Melad, Dana Al Meer, Ibrahim, Grecel & Juney, Israa El Boursaif, Mariam Abdullah, Reem Nashaat, Salim Nazar Salim, Suzannah Murghani

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