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Tremor (Beben)

Ajyal Competition

Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard / Short Narrative / Germany / 2022 / 17 min / Colour
In German / Arabic, English subtitles
Interests: Drama


During water therapy for his chronic spasms, Leon is involved in a shocking incident with his physical therapist. An eruptive and very public moment of betrayal. The resulting fallout reverberates through their lives like the aftershocks of a seismic event, seeing their once trusting relationship almost fractured beyond repair. ‘Tremor’ explores the often complex and intimate relationships formed between therapists and their patients.

About the Directors

Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard is an Australian director, producer and screenwriter based in Berlin. He is also the co-founder of Problemkind Filmproduktion, a Berlin-based production company he shares with director/producer Annika Birgel. Graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Fitzgerald Leonard’s graduate short film ‘Kin’ screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival, winning the award for Emerging Australian Filmmaker. His short films focus on explorations of identity and representations of psychological and corporeal diversity.


Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard
Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard, Annika Birgel, Luis Brandt
Annika Birgel
Stefanie Reinhard
Rudolf Fitzgerald Leonard, Annika Birgel
Production Company
Problemkind Filmproduktion GbR
Production Designer
Saskia Stoltze
Béla Brandes
Sam Bower
Problemkind Filmproduktion GbR
Luis Brandt, Lilian Mazbouh, Gisela Aderhold

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