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Treasures of the Past

Special Screening

Rawan Al-Nassiri, Nada Bedair / Unknown / Qatar / 8 min / DCP
In Arabic / English subtitles


Om Fahad, Om Khalid and Om Mohammed are three elderly Qatari women who have spent their lives putting food on their families’ tables through their handiwork. Om Fahad sews ‘batula’, the gold face-cover for women; Om Mohammed makes ‘sadw’, the distinctive, brightly coloured heavy fabric used for carpets and accessories; and Om Khalid cooks traditional Qatari food. In ‘Treasures of the Past’, these three cheerful and engaging grandmothers bring to mind the old saying, “a woman’s work is never done”.

About the Directors

Nada Bedair is a senior at Northwestern University in Qatar, where she majors in media industries and technology and minors in gender and sexuality studies. Bedair is passionate about social justice, particularly women’s empowerment. She aspires to empower women through her work as a filmmaker in documentary and fiction. Some of her notable work is ‘Treasures of the Past’, which was featured at Muscat International Film Festival and won Best Documentary at Ajyal Film Festival.

Rawan Al-Nassiri is a director, cinematographer and studied Media and Communications at Northwestern University in Qatar. Her love for culture and storytelling drives her to document enthralling stories of the people of her society.


Rawan Al-Nassiri, Nada Bedair
Rawan Al-Nassiri, Nada Bedair
Rawan Al-Nassiri, Nada Bedair
Khalid Al-Faisal
Rawan Al-Nassiri, Nada Bedair
Om Khalid , Om Mohammed, Om Hamad

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