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Paul Jadoul / Short Narrative / France, Belgium / 2016 / 9 min / Colour / DCP
In No Dialogue / (No Subtitles) subtitles
Interests: Animation, Fantasy


A strapping lumberjack heads into the forest with his chainsaw to fell some trees to be used for some unknown industrial purpose, but Nature decides to get her own back. Calamity befalls the logger, and he finds himself pinned under a giant tree as a result of his own handiwork. Dramatic animation transforms the man into a series of panicked animals that try to escape their fate – eventually reminding us that we humans, too, are subject to the cycle of life.

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About the Directors

After graduating from La Cambre in 2007, Paul Jadoul founded L'Enclume with three fellow graduates. The animation studio offers an environment conducive to creativity. Jadoul has honed his 3D animation skills through various productions, while also skilfully using 2D techniques. His experience has enabled him to carry out animation projects that combine traditional graphics with the latest technology. Owing to his special interest in music, he gives priority to creating visual atmospheres with a strong focus on rhythm.


Paul Jadoul
Paul Jadoul
Arnaud Demuynck
Paul Jadoul
Paul Jadoul
Production Company
Les Films du Nord
Jonathan Vanneste
Animation: Pierre Mousquet, Paul Jadoul Daphné Cassini, Pascal Vermeersch, Constantin Beine
Eric Godon

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