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There Be Dragons

Made in Qatar

Suzannah Mirghani / Short Narrative / Qatar / 2017 / 3 min / Colour / DCP
In No Dialogue / (No Subtitles) subtitles
Interests: Middle Eastern, Avant garde, Arthouse, Poetic Documentary
World Premiere


‘There Be Dragons’ – a term that refers to unexplored territory on a map – is a visual amble through Doha that uncovers a quirky, alternate side of the city that usually goes unnoticed. Flickering lights, eerie kites in flight, the random revolutions of a funhouse ride and self-playing pianos suggest a metropolis that lives a life of its own – one that seems well outside the control of its inhabitants.

About the Directors

Suzannah Mirghani is a Communication and Media Studies graduate and an independent filmmaker working on highlighting stories from the Arab region, with a particular focus on Sudan and Qatar. Being of multicultural backgrounds, both Sudanese and Russian, she is interested in stories that examine the interconnectedness of multiple ethnicities and identities, and is especially interested in exploring the wealth of multicultural encounters that occur in a traditionally cosmopolitan place like Qatar. Suzannah is the writer and director of several short films, including 'There Be Dragons' (2017), 'Caravan' (2016), 'Hind’s Dream' (2014) and 'Hamour' (2011).


Suzannah Mirghani
Suzannah Mirghani
Suzannah Mirghani
Suzannah Mirghani
Suzannah Mirghani
Production Company
Doha Film Institute

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