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The Palm Tree (Shajarat Al-Nakheel)

Special Screening

Jassim Al-Romaihi / Unknown / Qatar / 2015 / 14 min / Apple Pro Res 422
In No Dialogue
Interests: Documentary, Creative Documentary
No Premiere


In a sterile lab, sprouts are methodically planted, their growth observed and tracked. Seeds are washed and sifted by machines, before being precisely set in soil under bright lamps. Mainly shot using disorienting close-ups, ‘The Palm Tree’ is an observational documentary that shows us how unnatural nature can be, and unearths the science fiction in reality.

About the Directors

Jassim Al-Rumaihi has worked as a reporter at Al Jazeera News channel, and joined the Supreme Legacy for Delivery and Projects, the body responsible for hosting the 2022 World Cup, as a Media Relations Specialist. At Northwestern University in Qatar, he took several classes in film production. ‘The Palm Tree’ won the Made in Qatar Award at the Ajyal Film Festival in 2015. His second documentary ‘Amer: The Arabian Legend’, won the same prize at Ajyal in 2016 and was screened in several international festivals.


Jassim Al-Romaihi
Thomas Hines
Production Company
Doha Film Institute

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