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The First Thunder

Special Screening

Anastasia Melikhova / Short Narrative / Russian Federation / 2017 / 5 min / DCP
In No Dialogue
Interests: Animation


A beautifully illustrated musical fantasy that depicts the awakening of Mother Nature after her winter hibernation. Mischievous little water drops dance around the screen as plants once again burst into life to fill the world with vitality and adventure. Reminiscent of the Disney classic 'Fantasia' (1940), the film is a playful tapestry of music and hand-drawn animation that shows the excitement of spring from a child's perspective.

About the Directors

Anastasia Melikhova was born in 1992 in the city of Pyt-Yakh. She graduated from the Ural State Academy of Architecture and Arts with a degree in graphics and animation.


Anastasia Melikhova
Ekaterina Kozhushanaya
Irina Volodina, Valentina Khizhniakova
Liudmila Putiatina
Nina Denshikova, Nadezhda Pleteneva
Art Director: Anastasia Melikhova, Animation: Vera Pozdeeva, Anastasia Melikhova, Anna Budanova

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